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Service times

10am Family Service -  ACG College AUD

Join us this Sunday 14th Jan 2018, for our 1st service for 2018!

Hope you have a relaxing summer. For any pastoral emergencies over this period please call our team on ‭022 498 0875‬

6 Keenan Rd, The Lakes / Pyes Pa


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Sun Mornings 10am

Everyone is invited to attend any of our Sunday events

ACG College Campus (2 kms South of the Lakes)

6 Keenan Rd, The Lakes / Pyes Pa

Full o2 kids programme

Breathe - Mum's & Dad's room

Bubbles - Preschoolers

Oxygen - Years 1-6

Please register your child at check-in and follow the signs to drop off your child before the service



ACG College 6 Keenan Road, The Lakes / Pyes Pa

We are excited to announce that O2 has a venue! We have built a great relationship with ACG College Tauranga, a brand new campus on the border where The Lakes and Pyes Pa intersect. It is so new, that the second part of the venue is still under construction, ready for us to relocate to as O2 grows. The venue can grow with us!

2 min from The Lakes

3 min Pyes Pa Shopping Area

9 min Tauranga CBD

10 min Bethlehem

13 min the Mount

20 min Papamoa


Our Pastors

Sam & Michelle Bayly

Sam and Michelle are the founding and Lead Pastors of O2 Church which launched 17 March 2017.

Both originally from the North Shore in Auckland, they have spent the past 14 years on the Kapiti Coast, and in Dec 2015 they relocated their family to Tauranga to begin to prepare for the launch of  O2.

They first met at a youth camp called Summer Harvest in Whangarei in 1998, and have been married for 13 years. Sam & Michelle have four children. Zuri 8, Taliah 7, Levi 5 and Hudson 1. 

On staff as Youth Pastors at Connect Church for 11.5 years (previously Meadows) on the Kapiti Coast, they held a variety of portfolios, but their main passion is seeing people develop into their full potential. Their previous roles also include being the National Youth Leaders for New Life Churches NZ & overseeing other NZ wide outreach initiatives.

Sam loves: family, surfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddle boarding, coffee & meeting people in cafes. 

Michelle loves: Keeping active & healthy, spending quality time with friends, movies and great books, meeting new people and taking the family on outdoor adventures. 

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O2 Kids Sunday Mornings

Breathe - Mum's & Dad's room 

Bubbles - Preschoolers

Oxygen - Years 1-6

On Sunday mornings we provide seperate facilities and age appropriate programmes for each of these age groups

When you arrive simply follow the signs to securely check in your child

OUR mission


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A significant church, transforming lives across the region and nation. 


Weekend services that people of all ages love to attend. Where people encounter God, find answers and discover hope.


Small groups multiplying across the region, with people coming together around common interests and finding freedom and life giving community.


People discovering their purpose, finding what they were born to do, and reaching their full God given potential. 


People who make a difference. A church that serves and meets the needs across our city, nation and world. 


What to expect at our church

Friendly people will help you park & find your way around

You'll find fresh coffee available

If you have kids, they will enjoy fun, age-appropriate programs while you are in the adult service

The band will play some great music (you can either join in or just listen)

Someone will pray and say "hi"

A pastor will give a message that is relevant to your life and the service will be over in about 75 minutes

More about O2 Tauranga


The O2 Church journey started in 2015 

A small seed was planted in the hearts of a young family living in Kapiti Coast. They had been Youth Pastors and developing National Youth Initiatives there for well over a decade, however had felt a stirring for sometime that life was about to change.

At the same time a gathering of key pastors from around NZ met in Auckland 

to dream for the future and they felt the Lord was laying upon their hearts to begin planting new churches again. Their movement had planted hundreds of churches around the world, but it was time to again focus on our own backyard, our own soil, the mission field of New Zealand. This time to do it a little differently ask for help from an organisation called ARC Churches who give training and support couples launching new churches. 

This exec team of New Life pastors sowed a small seed into a young couple's hearts...

The seed of new beginnings... "Would you consider being the first family to relocate to a city on your hearts, and launch a new church to reach that city?" - they asked.

The full weight of the movement would be cheering on these new church launches. In August 2015,  after many months of that seed being watered, the answer was "yes" 

Things moved quickly from there.

The house was sold in 3 days, Sam & Michelle began developing their personal financial partnership team and by Dec 2015 the Bayly family had relocated to Tauranga. With other families joining the adventure and also relocating in the months to come. 


O2 is of course the periodic symbol for Oxygen. 

We all need to breathe it.

It's exciting pioneering days for us at O2 Church, we are on that journey of new beginnings and we would love to invite you to join us! 

What's our mission you might ask?... 

At O2 we simply want to help breathe life into your future.